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Make 2014 the Year to Take Charge of Your Health!

- It's Really Not as Difficult as You Think! -


Take the Full Gourmet Plant Based Cooking Class!


With the disasters happening with Obamacare, Genetically Modified Foods (GMO) included in many/most processed 'foods' and the FDA allowing massive dosages of pesticides in the environment, maybe it is time to get educated about how you can eat healthier and avoid 'foods' that may damage your immune system and overall Health & Wellness!  Learn how to utilize available healthy and nutritious foods to revitalize your health, energy levels and overall quality of life!  Learn how to prepare delicious and nutritious meals without breaking the bank!  Yes, it can be very cost effective and even cheaper to prepare your meals with only Plant Based Foods!


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Nancy has posted HUNDREDS of Vegan recipes on her Pinterest Boards. 

See her information there for loads of healthy recipes and other information!  We have individual boards in addition to our Company Board!


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Watch Nancy as she prepares her Vegan Mock Tuna

Filmed/presented at Good Samaritan Village, Kissimmee Florida.


Our South Orlando classes are available on a weekly schedule, but vary by demand. 

Typically classes are held on Friday and/or Saturday afternoon.

To register, please use our sign-up page or call our toll free number: 800.576.8963.


A Home, not a classroom!

(books displayed are for in-class use only and are not sold as part of the class)

- Class Outline-


My Promise to you - “With each course you select, you will be able to pick and choose from many cookbooks on the market. Whether it be Vegan, Raw or Macrobiotic you will learn to understand the principle ingredients and preparations necessary for that variety of meal. You will learn to create 'Delicious 5-Star' recipes for your Family and Friends.”

Note: Individual Classes are limited to six students in each time slot and fill quickly. Confirm early to reserve your Time and Day.  Visit our training sign-up page to pre-register. 

Please join us for a remarkable journey into a “Lifestyle of Change” that promotes Health and Wellness.



What You Can Expect to Learn:

The Science behind a Plant-Based Diet- Why no Meat, Fish, Dairy & Eggs?

Dealing with Diseases of Affluence

[Obesity, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer & Auto-Immune Diseases]

The Difference between Plant-Based Nutrition VS. Vegan

Where do we get our Protein, Vitamins and Minerals

The Importance of an Alkaline Body

Learning the Hazards of Genetically Modified Foods

Reading and Understanding Product Labels and Food Additives

What's in Your Pantry?

The Standard American Diet VS. Plant-Based Diet

What is a Raw Food Diet

What is a Macrobiotic Diet

How the Pleasure Trap Works

“Oil” our Enemy in Disguise

The Plant-Based Nutrition Power Plate

Eat your Vegetables, Fruits, Greens, Beans & Legumes, Whole Grains, Nuts and Seeds

Whole Food Meat Alternatives Cooking demo and taste testing- Tofu, Tempeh and Seitan

Vegan Transitional Foods

Baking & Kitchen Equipment

Do's and Don'ts of a Healthy Diet, and much, much more!

Cost: $200.00 per person

(4+ hour Course)

Classes Limited to 6 

For information and Contact:

Email: Classes@WF4HL.com or call us at 800-576-8963 for appointment


Nancy A. Stein

Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition

T. Colin Campbell Foundation through Cornell University


PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Cash accepted.

You will be invoiced via PayPal in advance of the class.

4 Day Cancellation Notice required - or Non-Refundable


(Confirm early as class size is limited!)