Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living
Restoring America's Health

We are excited about the opportunity to share our Plant Based Lifestyle and preparation of plant based foods. Our classes provide much more than simple cooking classes, we provide information and instruction on how to change your lifestyle to maximize your personal Health & Wellness.


We have a simple set of training policies:

1. By signing up, you understand that working in a kitchen presents the risk of burns, breaks, scalds, infections, and other potentially harmful situations. I will not hold the school or Nancy A. Stein (or affiliates) responsible for what goes on in my own kitchen regardless of her instructions or information.


2. Assignments and printed recipe instructions are for personal use, but you are welcome to share them with friends & family.


3. Please do not call in questions, but you may contact us by email. For more involved questions we offer phone consultation services and support.


4. We ask you fill out an evaluation form that will come with your lesson. We reserve the rights to publish your comments on our web site in our 'Testimonial Section'.


5. We are not an accredited school, and you will not receive any continuing education credits. For those students completing on-site training in one of our 'Series' classes, we may provide a certificate of completion.


6. Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living and Nancy A. Stein are not here to give medical advice, we encourage you to see a health professional for any medical issues you may have. Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living and Nancy A. Stein are not to be held responsible for health information or misinformation that may be given in the lessons or on this website. Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living and Nancy A. Stein are not to be held responsible for errors in recipes that may cause any issue or problem.


7. You are required to enjoy it and have fun! A healthy lifestyle is a journey, not a destination!


8. All materials are for informational use only. Please do not copy or distribute any of the materials on this site, provided in class or sent to you by mail!


For questions, email: SkipStein@wholefoods4healthyliving.com.  We will endeavor to respond as quickly as possible.